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Financial Advisor in Dubai

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Damodhar Mata - Financial Planning in Dubai

What I do

As a Financial Advisor in Dubai, I help UAE Residents, Gulf Expats & NRI with Bespoke Financial Planning, Investment Advice and best life insurance solutions.

Financial Planning in Dubai

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning goes much beyond buying and selling insurance or investments. It helps you make wise money decisions and makes your money last for your lifetime and beyond.



Depending on your financial goals, I can help you with a wide range of investments, like Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Pension Plans, and Endowment Plans. 

Investment Options in UAE
Life Insurance in Dubai

Life Insurance

Life Insurance protects your most important asset – Your income-earning ability. Let me help you choose the best life insurance with critical illness and other living benefits to protect your family’s financial future. 


Retirement Planning

You may stop working, but you cannot stop spending!  Let me help you make your money work so that you can afford not to…

Investment Options in UAE
Child Education Planning in Dubai - UAE

Child Education planning

Providing your child with the best education opportunities is perhaps one of your biggest financial goals, isn’t it? Let’s get started on this right away…

The GAiM Plan with Financial Advisor in Dubai

Introducing the GAiM Plan

With more than a decade's experience in helping people plan win with money, I have designed the GAiM Plan. A Comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment Advisory, & Portfolio Management System. It helps you build a future you would want to live in!

The GAIm Plan

How does it work?

The GAiM plan covers the following 4 steps…


The Goal Positioning System. Helping you determine where you are with your money and where you want to go in the future.

Action Plan

We will break your goals into a step-by-step Action plan to achieve your goals. While the journey could look daunting, but the next step will always be clear.


The best of the plans are useless unless implemented. We will put our plans to work by avoiding procrastination and analysis paralysis

measuring Progress

Once implemented, it is important to review and measure progress to ensure that we are on the right track


What My Clients Say?

As a Financial Advisor in Dubai, I work with 300+ families helping them plan and secure their financial future. Here are testimonials from some of them.

I've known and worked with Damodhar for over a decade and his level of commitment and professionalism is unmatched. Have multiple investment plans with him and would refer anyone who needs advice on insurance products to him without a second thought. If you haven't thought about life insurance, are unhappy with your current advisor or are looking to get a policy but not sure how to go about it, give Damodhar a call.
While looking for Financial planners in UAE I came across "Money Mata Blog" and was quite impressed with its content as it helped clarify my doubts. Damodhar Mata is a true professional with thorough knowledge of various investment options. He helped me plan, identify my financial needs and guided me in setting realistic goals. He recommended investment and insurance options based on my requirements. He surely provides quality advice and would consider investing through him in future as well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to secure their future investments and insurance needs.
Ashwini Shetty
Procurement Professional
We have been associated with Damodar over 3 years and our experience with him has been positive and encouraging. With a lot of legacy negativity in our portfolio, he slowly and steadily restructured the portfolio with a regular advise. This gave us a confidence and hence we hired him further. Over course of time, he provided us with merits, demerits of the policy, re-aligned our investment and turned around in to a growing portfolio. We are absolutely happy and our experience has been advancing. I definitely recommend Damodar for his knowledge, practical advise and advocate other expat families to take up his services.
Aditya N
Senior Environment Engineer
Damodhar Mata - Financial Advisor in Dubai
Damodhar Mata - Financial Advisor in Dubai

Jump Start your journey to Financial Independence​

Whether you are taking the first step or already on the way to financial freedom, we have the right solutions for you.

Benefits Of Working With a Financial Advisor in Dubai

With so much of free information on the internet and easy access to investment / insurance solutions, why should you consider working with a Financial Advisor?

Financial Planning, Investing and life insurance can be a unfamiliar and unchartered journey for many.  Your financial advisor can be like the GPS, leading you through the shortest and easiest  route with least hurdles. 

The following are some of the benefits of working with a Financial Advisor. 

  • Saves you time and effort
  • Plays the role of an Accountability Partner and a sounding board
  • Helps you avoid the trial and error approach and unforgiving financial mistakes
  • Provides Bespoke Financial Planning & goal based investment strategies
  • Encourages regular savings and wealth accumulation
  • Bias Free professional advice
  • Regulated by relevant authorities 
  • Provides access to a wide range of investment & Insurance solutions, which you may not have access to on your own 
  • Supports with Hands-on market research and appropriate data interpretation
  • Regular reviews and portfolio rebalancing
  •  Helps you stay on course during the adverse market and personal situations